PCAG, Inc. was formed in 2014 for the sole purpose of educating the public on investing in NUMISMATICS.

Jeff Sherid, founder, has over two decades studying the market, understanding the different types, values, rarity and the importance of each coin.
When we started PCAG, Inc., our motto was, and is, to be transparent, disclose all fees and beat the competition. PCAG, Inc. did over $14 million in transactions in 2015. Our clients are sophisticated people, who have studied all areas of investing and have decided that this market is a place they need to be invested in.

PCAG, Inc. is an authorized CAC (Certified Acceptance Corp.) representative. CAC is the leading name in NUMISMATICS, founded by John Albanese, the foremost expert in Numismatics.

In 2014, I called John Albanese and explained to him how I wanted to start a consulting company but no one knew who I was. John replied, “if you ever get back to the East Coast, I’ll sit down with you and discuss it”. I booked the Red Eye and flew out that night and the rest is history. John took me under his wing and has guided me.  My clients have seen the benefits of working with a company that has their interest at heart and not my own.

(PCAG, Inc. is an advisory company that focuses on assembling portfolios for investors and collectors alike. Building “World Class” portfolios of Investment Grade coins is our specialty).

(PCAG, Inc. has had the privilege of handling some of the most “UNIQUE” coins ever struck in the United States).

PCAG, Inc. saw a market where they could keep overhead low by being a consulting company and educating people on the correct ways to own gold, silver and rare coins. By having John Albanese as our mentor, we are able to get coins that come from private collections before anyone else sees them thus allowing us to have fresh coins that have been off the market for years. John sets the price and we take them to our clients. We buy and sell at the wholesale price range and follow the guidance of John.

(In 2015 we brokered deals that included the Ultra Rare 1838 Proof Eagle, the UNIQUE 1787 Brasher Doubloon and the UNIQUE 1851-O Seated Liberty Dollar).

PCAG, Inc. opened doors in late 2014. In 2015, we were presented the GREATEST Proof Eagle ever produced, the 1838 PR65 CAC, one of 3 known examples and the ONLY CAC certified one. We placed this coin with our first client for $2,150,000.

The United States first started minting Eagles or Ten-dollar gold in 1795 with what is referred to as the “Turban Head or Draped Bust” and continued this design through 1804. During the period from 1805 until 1838, production on the Eagle came to a halt and resuming in 1838 with a new design called the “Liberty”. Three Proof coins were produced in 1838, one resides at the Smithsonian, one on a private collection and the example we placed. The 1838 Proof Eagle is the first true Proof Eagle. While there are Proof 1804 Plain 4 Eagles, they were produced in 1834 while the 1838 was produced in the year of issue. Our client purchased this coin and in 2018, we were contacted by a collector who wanted it and we sold it for over $2,500,000. Today it is valued around $3,800,000.

(Very few people have handled the above coins however no one has handled all three in the same year).

(PCAG, Inc. wants to make this as simple as possible for our clients, so we put together all the information you need to understand how to get involved).

A few months later, we were presented the most ICONIC coin in all of numismatics, the 1787 Brasher Doubloon, “EB” on Breast. The first gold coin in the denominations “Dollars”, the Holy Grail. The Unique Brasher set the standard on how all gold coins would be produced once the first Federal Mint opened in 1792 based on weights and measures. A total of 7 Doubloons were produced one with the hallmark punch on the breast plate and 6 with the punch on the wing.

I reached out to my client who purchased the 1838 and within one hour I sold the Greatest coin in all of Numismatics.

(We DO encourage you to do your own research, we just make it easier by putting it here for you).

When we decided to open PCAG, Inc. our goal was and is to make this as simple as possible for the advanced collector or investor but mainly for the person who has never bought rare coins, gold or silver. We decided to answer your questions, be transparent and take our time educating people on the correct way to put a tangible asset portfolio together.