Pre-33 Gold are U.S. gold coins minted prior to 1933.  U.S. Gold coins minted between 1850 and 1933 that have been certified by PCGS, NGC and CAC.

The pre-33 market is a unique asset class with high growth potential that provides excellent liquidity and diversification as a hedge against other investments.  It is recommended to purchase the St. Gaudens (1907 – 1933) graded in MS64 or MS65, MS64 Liberty Head (1850-1907) – any of these grades will make for a strong diversification in your portfolio.  Pre-33 Gold is considered Bullion with “Muscle”.  They not only contain an ounce of GOLD, they have a semi-numismatic value to them as well.

Pre-33 gold isn’t as volatile as regular bullion.  They hold their value better when the market fluctuates due in part of supply and demand.

Tax Benefits

Rare gold coins also receive a favorable tax treatment.  David Kautter, Managing director of the Kogod Tax Center at American University, stated investors enjoy two main tax benefits when it comes to their Rare Coin Investments.

“They are treated as capital assets, so no tax is imposed as they appreciate in value,” he said.  “The appreciation is not taxed until the coins are sold , and then the tax rate is only 20%, not the top individual tax rate of 39.6 percent.