Building a tangible asset portfolio is very important to growing your wealth for the future. It is paramount to have tangible, liquid assets available at a moment’s notice. There are many ways to build the perfect portfolio and, here at PCAG, Inc. we will guide you in making the right decisions.

There are a few things to take into consideration:

-How much of my net worth should be in tangible assets?

–Most experts suggest that 10-15% should be invested tangible assets such as Gold, Silver and Rare U.S. Coins.

-Can I afford to do Ultra Rare coins?

–Ultra Rare U.S. coins are an emerging market. When buying rarity one must understand that they appreciate over time and the appreciation is great! (See Notable Collectors)

-What if I just wanted to own gold and not Ultra Rare U.S. Coins?

–Owning gold is important to a strong portfolio (see Lombra Report). There are many ways to own gold. However, there is one market that helps protect your investment better than just owning bullion. This market is called Pre-33 gold. Pre-33 gold are coins minted from 1851-1933. We suggest owning coins graded in MS65. Twenty-Dollar gold pieces, Ten and Five-Dollar gold pieces are also desirable to building your portfolio. We prefer the Double Eagle or Twenty-Dollar gold pieces.

-Why should I pay the premium on Pre-33 gold versus just owning bullion?

–There is a premium on Pre-33 gold. However, that premium helps protect your investment when the market fluctuates. For example: If you owned modern bullion, your investment goes up and down with the market. However, if you owned Twenty dollar Pre-33 gold pieces in MS65, they continue to hold their value when the markets move. If gold goes down, these coins go up or at least hold their value. This is due to their limited supply and demand.

When building a “World Class” rarity portfolio, PCAG, Inc. will only select coins that fit this strategy, utilizing coins listed in “The 100 GREATEST U.S. COINS book by Whitman Publishing.