Raymond E. Lombra, Phd. is a professor of Economics and Dean for Research, Graduate Studies and College of Advancement at Penn State University.  Professor Lombra has authored, co-authored and contributed to numerous economic and financial books, publications and periodicals.  Professor Lombra is a consultant to the House Banking Committee of the U.S. Congress, the Federal Reserve System, the Congressional Budget Office, the Joint Economic Committee, Prudential Bache, Morgan Stanley – Dean Witter, the International Monetary Fund and the U.S. Treasury.  Dr. Lombra conducted an independent study during the period of January 1979 through December 2011.

The results were astonishing, over the last 33 years, high quality coins and stocks had the highest average annual returns.  And at the same time, the annual returns on stocks, gold and coins were the most volatile.


The Findings Suggested


**Those holding stocks and coins were “rewarded” for bearing the extra risk thought to be associated with larger fluctuations in annual returns.

**Statistical data from the last three decades shows that a portfolio that contains a modest portion of gold or rare coins will generally perform better than a portfolio that does not contain any. ​

Dr. Lombra just completed another evaluation of data on the performance of “Rare” American coins over the past 34 years.  Previously, Professor Lombra had conducted a similar analysis for the Joint Committee on Taxation of the U.S. House and Senate.
In this updated report, Dr. Lombra found once again that “Rare” U.S. gold coin investments win the day over the other asset classes (stocks, treasuries, bullion etc…).

Professor Lombra’s findings document that Rare gold coins are a very good long-term investment, comparable to financial assets such as stocks and bonds


2013 Findings


Over a 35 year period, High-end rare gold coins are the place to be.  It is Quality that counts!  Always choose Quality rare coins over a truck full of lesser metals.  Rarity breeds SUCCESS in the market.  High-end rare gold coins can not only outperform other assets, but prove to be a great addition to an investment portfolio.

Over the best three-year period, Professor Lombra found that, far and away, rare gold was the place to be.  High-end rare gold outperformed all other asset classes during their best three years.

The best one-year performance vehicle data showed staggering results for rare coins… Nothing else came close.

***The results continue to suggest that over the longer run, including rare U.S. coins within an existing portfolio could improve investment performance.

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